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Not sure what his deal is - he set me up with 4 new midnights in box for 150 shipped. Great price. However I paid him on the 3rd of this month and STILL do not have my lamps. Told me he would ship that monday - the 5th. Never did. Then the week of the 12th he said he would ship that monday, did not. Family issue. Then said he would ship tuesday. Did not. Then said he would ship on Friday. Did not. Got a tracking number in an email Friday and I checked that just now - package was not picked up until Monday the 19th and it is estimated that I won't get it until the 27th. A whole damn month waiting for lamps. Freaking absurd. I will never order from him again and I pray these arrive timely.

What is with people lying and not following through these days? I know if someone paid me 150 bux or any amount - I can't sleep until I know their item/package is in the mail. Usually NEXT DAY it's done unless something is up. Why can't people follow through?

This shit pisses me off. Sorry for the curse.

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I wish I knew why he takes so long to reply back. I sent him that message yesterday and he still has not replied back. I feel like I am using the post office and sending regular mail. Ugh.
Always seems like the worst people have the best lamps. And he has a lot of great lamps all NEW!!! I know for a fact the guy has Midnight Century's NEW.
i finally got my lamp from him. i had to put in a complaint with paypal, which got him off his butt to find the lamp he sold me. i'm happy now
Glad you got your lamp.

I am still waiting on him to reply back to me again. He said something about his mom is having health issues or what not. I don't know the man and I don't know what is truthful or not. So I won't say anything on that front.

I will say that he really needs to communicate better. He said my proposal was fair and he would do it. Yet, I have not hear back form him after his mom email. So I don't know what is going on anymore. I will send him another email again to see what the deal is. I never had to work so hard in my life and I actually PAID someone to work this hard.

Never again.
Two months later, several threatening emails and a couple not so nice phone calls - I guess he got tired and gave in. I agreed to a $50 dollar refund. Got it in today. FINALLY!

My quest for LL's have pretty much ended for now. I don't fell like going through this much headache and stress again.

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