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Talked to my favorite on-line retailer today about a possible release of new products and they informmed me that Lava World has been sold and placed under new ownership. Lava World is now called Lava Lite. The raunchy news is that the manufacturing will stay in China. So if this is good news or bad news we will just have to wait and see. The retailers unfortunantly will see a delay in their shipments for at least a week. We will wait and see.

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That letter should get someone's attention.

I hope they give you a good response and not the crap Tim Haggerty would say.

I will be looking forward to a reply! I hope you get one soon.

It would be so exciting to have the Lava Lite return here in the U.S. and made with the quality of its past once again.

Well we all can hope, I have a feeling I won't get a response to my e-mail. I also read somewhere that Tim Haggerty (god I hate that fuck) excuse my language... would still be with the company and we all know how he is so I really think them bringing production back to Chicago is out of the question.

I would rather have NO LAVA BUSINESS then a crappy one. I hope by the next decade if they are not brought back here that they will make NONE whatsoever then.
I placed an order on the LW website on August 12, 2008. I have sent 3 emails and have not received an answer to any of them. I emailed on (8/21/08 - 8/27/08 - and 9/3/08) I have called twice. On 8/22/08 the man I spoke with said it would ship out Monday (8/25/08). I called again on Friday. (8/29/08) I spoke with a different man who said he was in charge of shipping and did not know who I talked to the first time. He said he was waiting on some globes from the warehouse and would ship them soon enough. As of today 9/8/08 I still have not received my order. Sorry to hear Paula has left. I was planning to email her this week.
I really didn't care for her but she was alright. Always got my globes out and they arrived fine. But I called and she did seem to have an attitude though. But she never went out of her way for the 'customer' Oh well have a nice life Paula...
I called Lava World today (9/11/08) and got a voicemail greeting from Paula and was transferred several times to Paula's voicemail before getting a hold of a live person (Heather.) She told me that the shipping person has quit again and they are training someone new. I asked how long it would take to ship my order and she at first said I could call back later to find out. She then said the new person was going through all the unshipped items. I finally got her to say that my order should ship either today or tomorrow, depending on if they have to pull items from the warehouse or not. She finally agreed to call me when my order is ready to ship. We will see what happens.

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