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Hi, I recently purchased a Crestworth Rocket - nice lamp....BUT the lava wont rise from the bottom. It has a 40w bulb which oes the trick on my other lamps - any ideas?
Maybe I should try a 60w ??
Any comments would be appreciated!!!

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Hi, thanks. The bottle / wax is orange, the chrom top is on rather tight so I cant see what kind of cap. I'll add a photo over the next day or so.
Ebay is great - but postage is quite expensive to me here in New Zealand. I'm surprised the contents can expire - I have a couple of early lamps which are fine...and the rocket is only dated 1992. Thanks for your time. Mike
Thanks very much - thats great info. I'm hoping the top insnt glued!!
Heres a picture of it - it just looks like a round blob that wants to rise...but wont

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