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Recently, purchased a new Coach Lantern (purple liquid yellow goo) it is cloudy, but am using the forum advice to try and resolve that. But,another issue is the goo seems to collect at the top about 80% of it. Very little motion in the lower globe section. Is this indicative of some other problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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First I'll tell you, there is many others people more qualified to answer your question.

Second, I'll attempt to answer your question... Check your bulb and try lowering the wattage. If there is a 40 watt in there make sure it is frosted. I'm not sure what the coach lanterns default bulb is, but I'm just basing this on the lava lamps I've purchased. 40 Watt Frosted works best. If it still collects too much.. Go even lower.

Hopefully this helps with your problem.
Thank you! You ,and everyone else here, have a better clue than I. I am thankful for the help.



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