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Is it just me or is OG having trouble? The main page keeps refreshing and it is hard to navigate around because it keeps going back to the main page.

Am I the only one with this problem?


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me too
it's your nuddy pictures. first they broke your profile, now they've broken the website!
Problem is fixed. YAY!
No live chat though, ( not so yay)
We love the Goo!

Bring back the Chat (new and improved I hope) and 'Who's online' would be cool!
This is the first rule in life (well in website management):
When you go away, shi* happens. It's like magic.

Thanks goes out to Ant for tracking down the problem!

I'm working on a new chat system as we speak.

People do need to moderate all types of site, Its good that he removes the spam...

the site would be well slow with it.



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