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So, we had so many great ideas for the name of the donors that I decided to put it to a vote. I took the liberty of selecting the top names (in my opinion) and created this poll. Cast ye vote or walk the plank, arrrgh.

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By the way, sodahead.com is a really great site for creating polls that you can easily embed here at OG.
check it ooooouuuuuut.
Yay... Vote Goo Givers!
Go Lava Luminaires Go... er um ...Goo Lava Luminaires Goo!
Potential Lava Luminares fight song:

Oh we're The Luminaires and we don't care.
We love our lamps
and we look good bare.

So the Lava Luminaires has pulled even with GooGods.
OK, who hasn't voted yet!?!?
It looks like Lava Luminaires has won this race, with almost half the votes (4 of 9). GooGods and the really long name about a global consortium ;-) tied for second. Even though I voted for GooGods, I really like Lava Luminaires too. I was into both of them. The Luminaires has a real air of distinction and regalness. And it works with Bohdan's idea too, The Lava Luminaires of The Round Table.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and supports OG!
Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya!

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