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I know most of us have bashed LavaWorld about the quality of the China made lamps with very good reason, but I took the risk and went ahead and purchased the new Black Chrome 52ozer and the Mulit-Colored 52ozer and I must say.......their pretty dam sweet. They are flowing pretty well and are crystal clear. The pics below are after about 5 eight hour cycles over a 2 week period....the pics were taken at about the 4th hour of running. If they keep it up, I will purchase more new models in the future....maybe things are getting alittle better ??


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andresteven on Ebay, same as http://www.ifthepersonalityfits.com/motion.html excellent seller.

By the way, the Multi-Color is a true white/clear #01.....I may buy another to swap out the wax for some glitter, someone here already mentioned doing that....multi-color glitter..WOOT

Sweet! Those are the next two lamps I am going to get.
Very Nice indeed!
Very very nice.

Well I hope my Large Lava Lamp will come cloud free. I think Lava Word will help you with that bad lamp.

your right those are some pretty sweet lamps

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