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I know haters gonna hate, but Walmart has 20oz watermelon/clear lamps on clearance right now for $9.97.  I'm tempted to get several but I know I should refrain.  I got just one.  

Honestly I don't think the 20oz flow is all that bad.  I have half a dozen of these smaller ones and they work just fine and the liquid is clear.  I have no shame when it comes to opening them in the store to check the clarity, though. 

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Ben, all my 20 oz. lamps flow fine too.   I just messed up and ordered mine from Spencer's online and they are terribly cloudy, also watermelon neons.   Not sure filtering would help these, that white chalky junk is on, in and under the wax.   I want to replace the liquid and might ruin them, but I really can't hurt them any worse than they already are.

Speaking of Spencer's, I just went in there and successfully resisted buying the $20 52oz lamps. Not sure if I'll be able to resist before the sale ends.

You have more will power than I do.  "IF" we had a Spencer's.   When I order online, it's hit and miss.  My two Rainbows were gorgeous, no flaws in the globes and perfectly clear.   Both 32 oz.   Then a 32 oz. Leopard had a great flowing globe, but was pitted about the worst I've ever seen, and the 20 oz. watermelon neons beyond cloudy.   We need a store where I am able to examine them.   I''d love to have the 52 oz. neons.

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