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A completely new lamp is being launched on the 2nd Nov. 

Can't link the picture sorry. Won't let me.

But looks die cast, and possibly looking at the curvature it might be taking an astro bottle. 

And first 100 out the window. Now a lottery of all the orders placed on the same day. Seems irrelevant to still call it first 100 when it isn't. 

What are your thoughts on what it might be? 

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 I have a feeling it could be an addition to the candle lamp range. I could be totally wrong. Something Astro would be cool too. 

I get the first 100 thing but it’s kind of dumb to still call it first 100 if that’s not what it is now. 

Interesting wording on returns of first 100 lamps too, its almost like they are fully aware the QC is not great. 

Reviews on trustpilot regarding the rokit have been less than complimentary. And mathmos website hasn't had any reviews since the 3rd Sept. That of course may change. 

Die cast is definitely the way to go. My io lamps, Neo and Neo wall, and candle lamps have all been almost perfect every time. Whereas astros have had scratches.

As for the first 100. I usually try to be as quick as possible off the mark with these. 

But now I can take a real good long look and read, decide if this is for me and if I'm lucky hopefully get a random 100 unit. Let's just hope they are doing this properly and not just handing them out to friends and pay offs. We all know what a crooked world we live in at the moment. We haven't even got a prime minister! 

 That’s suspiciously interesting. Looks like reviews on Feefo have been stopped (I understand they are invite only) and therefore people are going to Trustpilot where the rating has tanked. 

The stuff I have been sent over the last 3 or 4 years has mostly been a hassle with all the issues so I'm wary of them now. They have always been good are sorting them out however. That’s the main reason I haven’t bought a Satrurn as much as I'd like one (and the comical price).

It looks small in scale based on how the text was rendered. I think Paul may be right about the candle range.

Perhaps a new candle-based lamp is fitting, might find ourselves reading by candlelight in the coming winter :-\

I agree with the idea that is going to be a candle powered lamp. Looks like maybe a base for an Astrobaby or Astro. I don't care for candle powered lamps so I hope it's something else. I suppose it could be a new larger Neo as well.

I love my candle lamps. I hated them at first because I couldn't find the right candles. But put lots of them together and get the right tea lights and they're a real talking point. 

So if its a candle lamp I'll be ecxtatic. 

But am really hoping it's a new astro bottle lamp. Anything new is welcome so long as it's not damaged. Last year I bought six lamps and sent three of them back because of damage. 

And let's hope whatever it is we finally get some new colourways. 

Hello Guys,

So, the great debate rages on about Mathmos quality issues (here and on Trustpilot...)

I think the new lamp also looks like a small scale one.

Mathmos may be finding that once the intitial 100 have been snapped up by eager collectors that the demand quickly wanes, hence changing their approach. Now they have the opportunity to sell 500 in one day, without having to promise anyone that they'll actually get a limited, numbered model (which is a poor way to treat your loyal customer base...)

My rockets will all be serial numbered, with a plaque to prove, and I promise never to make more than 100 of any model (God forbid I even get that many orders, I couldn't cope! Ha-ha!)

New pic added, link below


I know its a shame really because I quite enjoyed the challenge of getting a first 100. I now have 14. 

But it seems much less fair. Don't get me wrong, I think it will be much easier to actually get a real good look before buying. But that quick off the mark guarantee has now gone. I think Mathmos will lose out doing this as people won't be biting so hard. 

Their advertising flyer states don't miss out. But the likelihood is that most people will miss out. Sometimes I don't think they know their ass from their elbow. If something works. Don't try to fix it. 

Oh and Captain skywalker. Those lamps are truly amazing. A true credit to the Lava community. 

curious... where was this announcment? seeing nothing on insta/facebook/email.

I truly hope it is a more "efficient" lamp.  I haven't been running my Astros because I'm extremely conscious of energy costs atm...

There was an email about Christmas ordering, new product release and change to the first 100 lamp allocation. 

I know what you mean. I've only been running a Neo lamp very seldomly and my fireflows lately. Gotta save where you can. 

I was hoping for a more energy efficient astro lamp. But the more I look its either a newer Neo type lamp or as the others suggest candle based. M are being very tight lipped about this one. 

Released on the 2nd November. 

Ah you're right, it was lower down on the extended return email. I just kinda ignored that email and didn't check further down.

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