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5 Glitterlite bottles: selling or making a Lunar bottle?


I've got 5 orange glitterlite bottles right now, and a dozen of Cosmos bases.

I need to sell some of my Cosmos lamps, but I'm also tempted to make a Lunar bottle filled with these orange glitterlite bottles.

What do you think?

Selling 3 cosmos lamps with glitterlite bottles (and keep 2 of them), or make a Lunar bottle with the 5 of them? (but I won't have anymore orange glitterlite in my collection, and I won't be able to sell my cosmos lamps).


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Sell three and keep two. Have Loren or Kirk make you some custom glitter. Seems a shame to kill 5 cosmos lamps.

Yes, I already "killed" 6 Living Jewel lamps, but that was worth it (and I would do it again if I could).

For Glitterlite I'm not sure about it.

I could try it, and put back the liquid in bottles if I don't like it.

the issue is all glitterlite bottle is different (sometime subtle, but different in tint or amount of glitter), so if I mix them they'll look the same. So I must be sure before doing the Lunar bottel with them.

I think you should sell the Cosmos lamps that you do not want anymore and purchase 175 oz of Kirk's red large glitter formula to fill your Lunar bottle.

I know you will love it, I do!


Oh yes I love your Red bottle!

But I'm curious to see how does look a Lunar Glitterlite.

You're right I'd rather sell the Cosmos.

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