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Magma Tower is revolutionizing the water motion lamp. Here are some of the features you will find with our new lamp.

NO MORE BULBS- No more worrying about bulbs burning out or what wattage you will need. Our new technology eliminates the bulb altogether cutting the power consumption by 30 percent.

COLOR CONTROL- Our new lamp will come with a remote control that gives you the ability to alternate through 7 different colors. You will also be able to set it to pulsate, strobe and more.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL- The temperature control system allows the lamp to heat up or cool down depending on ambient temperatures. No more over heating!

Please remember that this is prototype number 1. I will post a video of the final product soon. I just wanted to give you all a teaser.

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will they ship to the uk
And I can't wait ! I want one bad ! , loving the goo kit guys, thanks.
We will offer shipping to the UK. We ship without water so the cost will be much less than a traditional lamp. We are currently browsing options for UK distribution to make it cheaper for all of our British friends. Will keep you updated.

Awesome colors.
SIgn me up too!!! I like it lots!!!
Maybe they got a huge custom job/installation (trying to be positive)
hmmmm, im afraid this would happen.

In making these smaller lamps they may be working out a system for larger scale production. With the big lamps they didn't need to be mass produced because of demand but the demand for these new ones will be high. Just an idea while we're throwing rumors out there lol.


so is the temp control a remote dimmer or is it like a dimmer but built in like the mathmos smart astro?

Mag Tow,

Johnny Magma no longer works at MT so I doubt he will have much current info. This lamp has been promised for going on five years. At this point it is not much more than vapor ware. If you hold your breath waiting you will be a lovely shade of blue.

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