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About to start my first gookit.
I have read in several places here that the dye can be added to the goo AFTER its in the water & flowing.
But I can't find any instructions HOW to do this.
Can somebody please help me?

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Looks great!

OOOOH!  That is really pretty!  great job, Ben!

Hey now....don't give HIM credit for MY hard work & effort!!! ;)
He's got his red/clear colossus replacement to keep him happy.

Jus said:

OOOOH!  That is really pretty!  great job, Ben!

And so far that replacement looks good.. But then again, so did the P/Y at first...

LOL  sorry!

I so embarrASSed!

I'd like to tell you what I was thinking, but apparently I wasn't...

Great job, Phishy!!!


Good job!

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