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Could not pass them up. I heard about "Agnus" and the fact that all her teeth had to be pulled because of gingivitis. They say she is two years old but she is way to small and has too much energy for that. I peg her at 1. The other cat we picked up is Simon. He is funny and already playing. They are both spoiled.

Agnus (soon to be re-named Storm) looks like a gray bengal cat with white tipped paws. She has no teeth and her tongue sticks out just a little because of it. Too cute. We got her because she was at Petsmart for a while and we knew she would be a hard adoption so we debated and decided to get her. Simon I loved because of his color and personality.

Here are a couple pictures of "Agnus" (Storm) - Isn't she cute?



Here is a bad picture of Simon. He is having too much fun playing under the bed so I will upload some more pics when I can. New pics!

Simon Relaxing


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They're sooooo cute I want to stroke them all day!
simon is one who looks like you shouldn't mess with him ;D Too cute! I'm gonna start checking the sheleters this week, looking for a Calico to replace our beloved Trinity...

I won a T shirt from www.mycathatesyou.com for this pic.... I found her Christmas stocking a few days ago, she's been gone for 2 years now.
Awe, she looks so cute. At least she had a great owner and I am sure a great life too. I hope you find a good one, maybe a pair.

We have 11 cats now. I know it sounds like a lot, but it's not. One is my brothers who moved out, two belong to my other brother that is still here, one showed up many years ago and adopted us. She is an outside cat and that's just how it is. Seven of the cats are "mine". Even though they love everyone. It's funny because every time I come home from work, all the cats bolt downstairs to hang with me. I have one conked out on the desk right next to me now, several are passed out throughout the room and one is eating. Every cat we have has their own personality. It's really cool.

Our cats are...

Baby, Cuddles, Matty, Kitty, Isis, Anubis, Osiris, Cooper, Tucker, Simon and Agnes.

Our dogs are..

Buddy, Rocky, Sarah and Tango.

Sounds like a lot but 4,000 sq. ft. of home - there is plenty of room and love to go around :)
cool, good for you!
I love kitties, My Kitty had to be put to sleep last week, she was poisoned with antifreeze. :( But looking at these pics cheered me up no end :)
So sorry to hear that. How did that happen?

I love Cats so much and all the neighbourhood cuties come and visit me. My favourite is 'Marmalade' the Ginger from across the road. He's the most handsome cat in the world.
Don't know if it was deliberate or an accident, but Cat poisoning is quite common in my town, and I wouldn't put it past some of my neighbors.
i'm so sorry
sometimes people suck

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