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I found this cute lamp locally on Craigslist.

The lady selling it just recently lost her 65 year old husband. She told me this lamp was purchased new by them in 1979.
It is dated April of 1979. I was told it has not been run in 20 years.
It is in near mint condition. It sat in their closet in the basement for the last two decades.
The wax in it is a thick dark red with ot a single air bubble.
The flow is what would be expected in a lamp like this.
I am extremely pleased with the purchase.


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Here are a couple of pics in its new home. It fits in well with my Century lamps.


Nice find!  I love it when you also get the lamp's history...

I do too. The lady seemed like she knew it was going to a good home. She seemed happy to see it go to somebody who will enjoy it.
The lamp as not on CL for long at all before I called her. I did ask if there was more than just that lamp, and was told that was the only lava lamp they had.
I really felt bad about the passing of her husband. This lamp will never leave my possesion. The wax is in super good condition as well.
I am a happy owner of a great piece.

Excellent find, John! That lamp looks cherry and sits well between the Centuries!

Such a cool lamp, and a great story too :)  Enjoy!

I dont care that you "outed" me as a scalper. I never told you I would sell you a ticket. I did state I do know what the market is getting for the ticket and that is really about it.
The lady did tell me that a very angry person is contacting her wanting the lamp.
I beat you to the lamp.
I know people who are season ticket holders for the Bears. That was really the only way to get tickets. We got the max amount. You contacted me. I told you that I know the value. I never tried, or even hinted that I was scalping.
The lady did ask what is wrong with this guy?
How does one answer? I only meet you once. Somehow you have the impression that I am a Deadhead scalper. If I really wanted top dollar for the tix, I would slap them on ebay, but that is not even the case. But really, what does it matter? Have you ever sold ANYTHING for less than what the market is getting?
Bottom line is that you were very angry to miss the lamp and you felt the need to contact this lady who is in a low point in her life and try as hard as you can to make me out as a bad person.
I know she told you I paid full asking price for the lamp. I even gave her a hug when I left. Truely, she is a wonderful lady.
This lamp was a great experience. But really, did it make you feel better trying to convince the lady she is selling it to the wrong peson?
You say "sorry" .... Really, you should say that to her. You are wrong. I am not scapling the ticket.
A ticket has nothing at all to do with this.
That nice older woman did not need to hear anger and reasons not to sell the lamp to the first person to contact her.
Really.... Think about it.
I'm kinda lost here but that lamp looks cool!
I understand being "lost"
There is a member of the forum who also wanted this lamp.
The seller told him it was being sold to "John in Racine, Wis." (about an hour drive for me)
The member put two and two together and knew it was me. (John... analoghaze....or Haze as some ppl call me) He tried as hard as he could to talk the lady out of selling me the lamp. I was already on my way to pick it up. She felt he was very angry and rude.
That person came into this thread and made some borderline personal attacts. He seems bent out of shape about some concert tickets he told me he wanted. I never implied the tickets were or are even for sale. I just simply answered the qustion of did I have them. When I was told to sell them at face value, I stated that I know what they are going for on ebay. Somehow this makes me a scalper. I am not scalping the tickets. I simply know the value.
This really has nothing at all to do with this lava lamp.
He has since deleated his responce.

I am not here to try to piss people off.
I simply found a lamp on Craigslist that I wanted.
Honestly, I almost cried when we talked about her husband. She was holding back as well. I hugged her as I left. It really, and honestly was a great experience. I had no clue what the story was behind the lamp or that an "angry and rude" person was also contacting her while I was on my way.
Again, it really was a great experience. Something I will remember.

Thanks though, I also think it looks cool.

Lucky, I've been after one for years! Great lamp and a great story.

I had this happen once, and I guess I'm lucky the guy (another OGer) was nice. I only know it happened because he told me: contacted a CL seller, was told the lamp was sold, said "Even if I offer (unnamed-to-me large amount)?" They replied, sorry, it's still sold, and he walked away. I'm sorry to hear this person is being nasty about it!

KARMA....love it!   Awesome lamp John!

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