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My Spencer's is the worst!!  I replaced the black/orange 52 oz that came shipped a bit cloudy.  Pulled one out of the tube and it looked to be a bit better.  It did have more of those starry occlusions but it's being backlighted so really wasn't worried about them.  Fired it up.  Stayed clear until the lava started to flow, then started to take on that hazy appearance.  Oh well....the only reason I'm keeping it is I can always goo kit it if it gets too cloudy.


Tried to get a black/green...both 2 they had were trashed.  One the wax puck was lying on it's with bits of wax floating in cloudy water.....they had 2 32 oz anniversary lamps, but figured i'm going to wait for the real deal and get the grande and that was about it except for an older bob marley 32, a 52 oz pink base, pink/clear and a 52 oz blue liquid, red wax which I did like.  They had a butt ton of them, but was afraid to even take a chance with any new lamps after seeing the ones on display.  They also had a lot of the 52 oz neon purple's.  The 3 52 oz lamps including the neon purple they had on display were so milky I couldn't believe they would display them like that.  I told the guy, "see how milky they are"?  he replies..."aren't they supposed to be like that"?  Are you kidding me?  Is that just acting stupid sales technique or was he being serious? 


No new lamps in my future cept for the anniversary grande which I will purchase from LL.  Oh and no glitter or other new lamps there at all!!!  Very disappointing!!!  Spencer's needs to step up on their game.  Oh and it's the one 1/2 hour from Spencer's HQ and it's in one of the only malls for miles....

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Booo! I have noticed the displays at my Spencers are cloudy and horrible as well. Funny you mention the green/ black, I returned mine. The lava was too red and the globe was too hazy. Exchanged it for a blue/red, lol! Always kinda peaked my interest. Not sure if I love it or not. They did have one rainbow 52 oz. and the rest were smaller sized lamps. Whenever I go I feel like I am buying the last color they have. Bought the last orange/ black, the last neon green, last neon purple, and last red/blue. If I buy the rainbow that will be the last also. However, they did have a bunch of green/black.

I bought the 32 oz anniversary and had to return it because the bulbs kept burning out. Then I just decided to order the 52 oz from LL, which led to the grande! You made the right decision holding out for the real deal grande! I can't rave about that lamp enough!!!

Anywho, that really stinks that you drove all that way and wasn't impressed. If you ever want me to look for you let me know. I am by NO MEANS and EXPERT like you guys, but I do have 2 Spencer's within 10 miles.

I keep going in hoping for a new 14.5" gold base/multi-color glitter lamp. None yet, same stuff you all are seeing. I finally ordered one on ebay via hastings for about $25 shipped, still waiting for that. Wait, they actually do have one new item at my Spencers that I've never seen elsewhere, a lava-plus in all black body & shade with clear/neon green lava. The one on display is cloudy and doesn't flow at all. Unexpected, as the 52 oz neon green I purchased a year ago at spencers is crystal clear and does flow (rubber ball China style). I was figuring the neon green & pink were safe buys.

One of the Spencer's near me now has a rainbow 52oz with a white base and a 32oz rainbow globe on a white Clearview base. They didn't have the Clearview on display, but the 52oz rainbow was a bit underwhelming. I also noticed a new neon with a cobalt base with a green neon globe. No Beatles lamps though. 

Are you talking about the lava lamp that is actually a lamp?  I saw that too but the globe was so small the lava had like no where to go!!!  I did like the look of the pink pastel 52 oz base with the clear/pink globe on it.  I didn't even notice if they had any other then the display model though.  They had a butt ton of 52 oz neon purples and this is probably why.  When I went back last year to exchange my original 52 oz neon purple I must have pulled 5 out of their tubes and each and every one was all scuffed up inside the globe.  That's when the guy was trying to tell me it was on the outside and was from the Styrofoam.  Yeah, ok, like Styrofoam scuffs up glass?  NOT!!  I like the red lava/blue liquid too, but at that point I was just like why bother.



I too was hopeful to see the rainbow glitter lamp.  Even the 14 oz one I would have been interested in purchasing.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to order that online as well, but I kind of wanted to see it up close and personal first.


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