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I know a handful of us here have the Aurasglow lava lamps. They have just released a handful of new lamps with their new bases and I thought I'd share the link with everyone:


You can also follow them on Facebook:


Ravi, the owner and creator of Aurasglow is very nice and a great person to deal with.

Here are few threads here on Aurasglow lamps.

Here are some pictures

I might stay away from the red one - it seems people have had more issues with that color. I ordered a coral/green one this time. Can't wait to get it. 

Enjoy! :)

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And a picture (mine did clear up and I'm very happy with it):

 Pretty, but I still prefer my black copper base. :).

I really did like the metal stands, too, but I'm happy to see them trying new things. :)

Yeah I bet the reflections of the tea light candle off the new stand will be cool too.

I'll post when I get mine. Should be here next week. Hope the heat doesn't mess things up. 

ooo...i love the green!

I still prefer the original design but it's nice they have boxes now. Wish they were sold in stores here in the U.S.

So...I can't get a metal one...? I like the new ones, but I really wanted a metal one for my patio table.

You'll have to write them and ask. I'm not sure they have any more of the metal stands left. 

I just messaged them through Ebay, they tell me they have only 'a few' of the metal silver stands left.

As I'm very low on funds this month, perhaps eventually an OGer who buys the new style might sell me an older one.

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