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actually I have a couple globes I need advice on.  The first one is an experiment that I tried adding glitter fluid to a lava lamp.  The lava went to the top and I haven't touched it until now. I tried to push the lava down with my finger, but it is softer than I anticipated.  My plan is to take the lava out and add the little bit of left over glitter fluid and just have a glitter lamp. right now the glitter flows nice, but only below the stuck lava.

problem 2 the lamp on the left.

the globe was given to me.  It would not flow because the lava floating on top will not mix with the rest due to air bubbles I believe.  after inspecting the floating lava more, I notice bits of dirt so I looked up in to the bottom of the cap and see that there is a bit of rust at one spot. It must of been dropped on it's cap I'm guessing.

I guess what I should do is remove the liquid, mix the lava ?  and then strain the heated lava?

what is the best way to go about this so I'm not screwing things up or doing things twice.  the pic below shows the rust in the lava hopefully

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