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January seems to have been "blue" month on oozing goo this year - there's been lots of great looking blue astro stuff going on!

I'm a big fan of the blue colour ways - especially clear/blue, blue/blue, blue/white. I've seen clear/blue astrobabys and telstars, but not astros or anything else in this combo. Does anyone know
if Mathmos ever made clear blue astros or blue fluid/white wax lamps? If so which models?

Anyone got any pics?

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Thanks for the info and insights... I'd love to score a blue/white but it sounds like they may be a bit of a holy grail...
Oh well, you have to have a quest in life I guess, hey...
Cheers Rod
Nice idea with the clear/white + food colouring 'baby, thanks! I reckon a project like that may qualify me for stage 2 of my lava apprenticeship - "popping the cap"... so far all I've done is sun fade... sounds like a good option and a simple enough process though.

I wondered if you might have had one of these tucked away somewhere in your almighty collection Bohdan! Thanks for the pic posts and for the different lighting conditions - this lamp looks brilliant, and it's great to be able to see what this colour way looks like. Was this one a custom project or an original Mathmos bottle?

Cheers Rod
You can make very neet colors by adding colouring. I have never did this but it is a great idea.

I just had a great idea, I'm gonna purchase one Astro white/ clear and one blue/ blue and switch the fluid. I don't think even I could mess up with that one.
Good thinking with the fluid swap Orbitz - I'd love to see how that would turn out... 2 sweet looking lamps I bet!

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