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Hey Bohdan-

Can you post up a video of the Cosmic Window in action? I did not see one on the site already. Would LOVE to see this lamp going. It will give me a glimmer of hope in possibly - MAYBE - finding one someday. Well, it will let me enjoy it until then :)

Would appreciate it!

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Thanks bud! :)
I'm curious to see what this cosmic window lamp even is.
Fantastic lamp! And lots of glitter too! Bet it looks awesome in a dark room!
If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I want to guess around 60ish maybe? Seems like you are from the 50's/60's era. Please excuse my ignorance. Seems like you grew up in a really cool time. Robot time would be around the 50's time frame. Plus you have nearly every lamp made - which tells me you had an unfair head start :) hehe.

I enjoy your photos and your posts tremendously!
Oh man, what a wonderful time to have grown up. I was off a bit, my apologies :) - Again, you have (I am sure) the largest collection here. A magnificent collection to be exact.

Not sure why I love the 70's but I really do. Really pains me that stuff today won't be worth squat or mean anything in the future. Mass produced junk that has no meaning. Ugh.
Is that you up there in that picture? Hiding behind the Absolut Pear lava lamp? :)

Yes, you are right. Pride and quality of items.
Great to meet you. :)
That is just too cool.
Thats a very interesting lamp. Thanks for sharing.
Such a beautiful lamp
Too True Kris, the classic stuff of virtually everything is better.
You and I are the same age............ I remember the 70's... I remember going to College as the Gov wanted to draft my sorry butt. I remember working at my states Mental Institution.... I remember disco......... I don't miss the 70's all that much. (too bad I didn't buy lava lamps more though... and toy robots!)


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