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Note my question & the pic she uploaded


I wrote her back "No, this doesn't help at all. I need a picture of the BOTTLE CAP, on top of the Bottle. Could you take a picture & send me a copy?" LOL!

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At least shes trying...LOL.

holy cow I almost peed my pants when I read this......some people are so nice, but so clueless!
I can just see her sat wondering why some mad person wants a picture of the cap on its own!
Lol. Yeah, at least she is trying. When I want to know the numbers on the cap - I ask that. I ask "What are the first two BIG numbers on the bottle cap, under the cap". Thanks! :)
She didn't post a pic, or send me a copy... she did, however send me the #'s "Sorry. But if you need to know what # is on the cap it is GK32 & the # 41 inside a circle also looks like Oct of 03."
Stupid China CRAP! I'm watching another red, that has a picture of the cap... I think I'll snatch that one instead!
*UPDATE* SON of a BIT@#!!!! Someone already tried to snatch the Red Wizard I was after! F#@%!!!!! So, I guess I'm just gonna have to watch eBay, till one comes along, unless someone here's willing to part with one. If so, PM me.
Yeah, I know. I've got a Turquoise, that fades to dark red... and a Purple, that is peach at the bottom... I'm talking to Brett to see if he's got anything in my price range!
i have a 33gk wizard base/cap/bottle...
But a gk is a china made lamp. I'm looking for the original 33W globe. But thanks Mandy & Phil.

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