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I bought a Giant on the 30th of March and the seller has yet to ship. They then sent me an ebay message 10 days later asking for an additional 70$ for shipping. What do you think I should do? I would still like to obtain the lamp, but I feel like my money is being held hostage. 



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Report it to eBay! If the shipping cost wasent in the description then the seller needs to pay it.

Even the description is irrelevant here. Unless you selected local pickup, you paid for shipping and the seller is obligated to ship. Open a case.

Absolutely don't send the seller additional money outside of Ebay.

Wow, I wonder if they didn't know what they were doing or did they purposely bait and switch.

Open the case with ebay, you will either get the lamp at the price you paid, granted they included shipping in the original auction or get you your money back.

they probably didnt charge enough to ship it 

yeah, mistakes do happen, might it be worth factoring in the experience of the vendor, how many transactions he's made etc?

I have to ask.....what is the original shipping cost ? And where is it traveling from and to ? 

Original cost was 100$ plus 24$ for shipping. Brand new seller. 

Would ship from California to Virginia. 

That is not nearly enough to ship that heavy lamp

Indeed, looks like an inexperienced seller who didn't realize how much it actually costs to ship something like this. But, unless you're really worried about losing the lamp, I still recommend just opening a case with Ebay.

It took this seller 10 days just to ask for more money to ship. I'm not sure it's worth finding out what happens if you do send the seller more money.

While it is true that the original shipping costs were to low to ship it is irritating to deal with inexperienced sellers who don't know the rules of Ebay. I'm currently working out a deal with the seller...

Hi Rory, how did your situation turn out? Just make sure it’s a giant, iv seen a lot of eBay posts saying giant lava lamp when it’s really a grande, they are saying giant as in size not model, just so you don’t over pay for a grande..

So the lamp finally came in!

Ebay finally stepped in, we managed to adjust the initial invoice and the seller quickly shipped after settling on shipping.

The good news: its definitely a blue/white giant and it came with an original top! 

The bad news: the base came a little more dinged up than the seller showed in his photographs, and is surely more damaged than the "few dents that can definitely be hammered out" that he mentioned in the description. The globes is badly scratched in a few locations, and there is a slight leak from the seal on the top. On top of it all, the lamp is extremely cloudy from shipping. Its a project lamp for sure....


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