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Well, it looks like I might be taking yet another lamp back to Spencer's.  Unfortunately I do not think they had another red Clearview in stock and I REALLY do not want to chance one coming by mail as I've read that they show up cloudy or hazy.  It's the 1st run, so I'm giving it more time but it's now 1:00 am and it is still stuck in the stalagmyte position.  I thought maybe the air conditioning was doing it because my son's lamps in his room do the same thing when it's on the colder side in there.  I bought it for my bedroom but if it doesn't like the colder room, I may have to switch it up and put it in a different room and grab my fluid changed purple neon to go back in my room.  I started it up around 9:30.  It's been about 3/12 hours and still same position.  Humm....i'll wait some more time.  Oh and I lowered the a/c.  I'll be sweating just to see this lamp flow, lol!!

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Ok, I FINALLY got flow.  Not great.  Typical China flow, but at least flow and it's only 1st run so we shall see.  I also moved the lamp into my kitchen which is a warmer room, but it seems that there is no significant change.  Still a long start up time.  I thought I read on here that it is safe to use a 30 watt reflector in this instead of the 25 watt that it came with. Yes?  I'm afraid of melting the plastic ring.  I'm going to go surf around and see if I can find that original post.

each time you run it the start up will shorten, when I first got mine it took almost 18 hours for it to run and now that start up is down to about 75 min

Guess what Gwen?  You are absolutely right.  I brought it into a warmer room this am.  Although it did still take quite a bit of time, it's flowing better and faster now then last night.  Still not the snakey, column flow that I like, but what the heck, it is a china flow.  I'm getting a lot of balls, but I'm hoping with more runs it will "break in".  My black lava/clear liquid is still breaking in after a few months, lol!!!  It seems to do different things with every run, so one can hope.  I absolutely love this red metallic base coupled with the red lava!!  So far it's crystal clear, so it's a keeper, even if I do have to wait a bit for the warm up...

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