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as i bought a grande 27" on ebay (lavalamp does not send to switzerland unfortunately) i've received the lamp today. i found out that the cone does not fit properly and some liquid is missing. can i fill the liquid up with distilled water? and is the cone the right one?

attached there is a picture where you can see both issues... from my point of view it's not the right cone because its to big

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here is a video if the cone


The liquid level is normal. All of my large lamps have a similar air gap. It is necessary for the liquid to expand.

As for the top cap, maybe a piece of masking tape between the lamp seal and the cap could work?

YUP the usual sloppy fit
Funky Dr. Gonzo said:

here is a video if the cone

Liquid level is correct, no change needed.

Cap is the correct one, just an example of the sub-par quality of Lava Lamp. :(

Everything looks great here. What's the problem?  I'm not seeing anything wrong and your lamp arrived clear.  That alone  should make you a very happy camper. 

Looks as if the neck if too long not allowing the cap to sit on the main body of the globe.  That is not right.

The liquid level is just fine. I have several grandes and they all look similar.

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