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Hi All

I was wondering why  my lava has bubbles inside of it. They look like air bubbles. And is there a way of fixing it?

im new to this so please don’t get too complex with me ;)

thanks in advance

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I'll never understand how someone can be "new to this" and first thing he does is asking basic questions, that've been discussed here a dozen times before.

If I was new to something I'd certainly use the search function at first and then start reading, what has been discussed in the past. Later on, after an hour of reading or so, I could ask elaborated questions, if there's still unclarity.

This is a matter of respect, to show some engagement on your own, not only begging for help "and please don`t get too complex with me" - like getting everything handed on a silver platter.

Whoa Peter, take a breath. Finlay there most likely didn't mean any disrespect, no need to be so harsh! Experienced or not, in these challenging times everyone needs to remember respect. Oozing Goo has always supposed to have been an open, "welcoming" forum, and sometimes the search features return so many results if can be overwhelming.

Now to Finlay, your bubbles are likely the result of your lamp being too hot. Perhaps check the wattage of your bulb to make sure it's the correct wattage or try a dimmer to lessen the heat. You'll get the hang of it eventually of knowing the right temperature for your room conditions. Colder room temperature cools the lamps somewhat and a warmer room also has an effect. Good luck. Claude is a member here who has always been most helpful - sharing his passion for lava lamps. Maybe look at some of his posts.

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