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So I ordered through 1000bulbs last week and waited anxiously to replace my Giant Bulb, upon receiving the bulb I noticed an issue, these bulbs are 100 watt R20 bulbs, but they are 125 volt, not 120. I wondered if they might run too hot, however they also are slightly shorter than the previous bulb (maybe a cm or two) they are apparently for pool and spa use, but are still frosted, can I use them? Does 5 volts matter too much?


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No problem...your good to go. Most US bulbs are rated 110 volts to 130 volts. I use alot of 130 volt bulbs, also in the US you would be lucky to pull more than 110 volts from the wall anyway. No worry, they are fine.

Looks like you have your answer. No need for me to duplicate it. I will add though, 1000bulbs is a great place to order from. I order my CFL's there (neolite) and they have the best customer service. Always kind and helpful.
Thanks guys, I did fire it up earlier and all seems well. It's quite nice to have the Giant back. I searched all over creation trying to find those bulbs and finally gave up and just ordered them online. Lowes continues to disappoint me. I tried picking up a dimmer there for the Giant and they looked at me funny, which was the same response I got when i asked for a 100 watt bulb that wasn't compact fluorescent.


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