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Hey guys,

I recently came across a 55" floor standing lamp - it's a Lipan LP01-3001. I know it screams China, but I picked it up at local thrift store for $19. I'm pretty sure its a knock-off of the Lumisource Waxy Tower:

It looks almost exactly like this Lumisource unit, except it has pinkish/red wax and the base was white. To put my wife's skepticism to rest, I painted it black as soon I got it home. We both fell in love with it. It worked great... until I decided to investigate the bulb type... you know where this went, the bulb broke in two and now I can't find a suitable replacement.

The bulb type is an R14 spotlight with a E17 intermediate base and the kicker... 60watts.

I have scoured the web in search of this bulb, I can't find it anywhere. the best match so far was a not spotlight 60watt, which was already difficult enough to locate, but it just doesn't run like it did before.

Please help a lava newb out! My wife and I really like this new lamp!

Does anyone know where I can find another bulb?

Thanks a million!


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I have the same problem, and it looks like this bulb is no longer made :(
Guess I'll have to give the 40W a try.

I just now realized that Lava is starting to use a similar bulb in their newer line of lamps, the ones that have the clear part on the base where you can see the coil and all....this one's a 25 watt but its another one of those little clear spot bulbs.  I can't find that one anywhere either.  Lots of 25 watt frosted bulbs, but they look to be too big for this lamp.  I also bought a lava duo lamp (not sure if its lava brand or not) and it too uses 2 of these little 25 watt spots.  Any ideas on where to find those? 

I have 2 30 watt ones from back in the day when Spencer's used to sell their "groove tubes".  Those took a 30 watt version, and they used to sell the bulbs for them, but they are 30 watt...so probably too much heat.  Also once they're gone I'm back to square 1 anyways, since they no longer sell those, and they don't sell the bulbs for ANY of their stuff now :(

Hi all. Any luck in getting a bulb for these? Thanks

A 40w E17 R14 bulb works pretty decent with these. I have struggled to find a 60w too. ebulbs.com carries the 40w... Give it a try

I formed a thread around the similar Lumisource Pillar lamp, check it out here.

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