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Cant get your consort to flow after a refill? This is why.

I have spent the last few days trying to fix my consort. Many people have tried and failed to refill their consorts and now I know why.

My consort was missing about an inch of liquid so I poured some liquid from a 32oz screw cap yellow/red and the lamp no longer flowed. I did a lot of testing with a hydrometer and I found out that the liquid used in consorts is four times less dense than most of my lamps. The vast majority of my lamps came in at a density of 1.0381 kg/m3. While the consort only flows at a density close to water at 1.000 kg/m3.


So what does this mean? I have not tried this but I think it may work. If you have a consort with the original wax but not the fluid you can use any usa made lava lamp fluid if you bring its density to 1.000 kg/m3. This also means that changing the wattage of your light bulb will not help you!


So what you need to do is get a hydrometer. Use it to measure your fluid to see how dense it is. If its denser than 1.000 kg/m3 you need to add more distilled water. If its less dense add more lava lamp fluid. Dont worry about ruining the liquid, since its normally about 70% water anyways.


If you do not have the original wax I am not sure what to do, I just wanted to put this out there for people who are having problems with their consorts.


Here is a before and after shot of the consort.

Here is the consort before I filtered it.

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That is very interesting. Thanks for posting that. Too bad it does not say what to do if you add too much water. It is neat how back then tampering with a lamp is encouraged and now there are multiple warnings that say not to open your lamps.

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