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I recently acquired a "Toady" Ceramic Icon

I'm looking for a mushroom topper for it

Is there a chance anyone has an extra one lying around"?

also any other toppers that may be available (except peace sign)

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The lava lids are extremely hard to find now.

It took me years to find all 6.

I had to pay $100.00 to obtain my Mushroom lid several years ago and I have not seen another available since then!

I think the frog lid looks better on Toady as it is more appropriate   -  lol

Have to agree on the looks of the frog

I got lucky and found a toady for $25

I fear the topper will costs me more than the lamp.!

However, I only paid $40 for the peace sign topper? so I may get lucky

I paid $200 for my Toady Icon about 5 years ago and it came with it's box.

Icons are selling for much less now.

I wish I would have waited a few years before I started collecting them however I may not have found them all if I had ;)

Market on all lps seem to be down.
I look at eBay and crindge at the prices things are selling for. For much less than I paid.

The toppers are indeed quite difficult to find. I actually purchased an entire lamp off Craigslist just to get the mushroom topper. It was a regular green/clear midnight with the topper on it. It had a small crack that I was able to glue back into place because they are not actually ceramic, but a semi-flexible plastic or resin. Either way, I couldn't resist for 10 bucks. 

Great Deal

Some people just don't know the value of what they are selling

Hey Claude,

I haven't been on in a while. My girlfriend is offering to buy a lamp for my birthday this week. I am not really sure what I want exactly, but I can say I've always wanted a Toadie or other icon lamp. Like you I cringe at the eBay prices.. and have never seen one good for cheap on the other sale sites near me. I am willing to pay someone a modest price for a good lamp, not necessary an icon. Thinking about making my own post but I like your pictures!! Hehe.

Would anyone like to be so kind as to sell me a gem? Thanks in advance. 

I've got everything packed to move.

 have duplicates of Garfield, alien, and a bong

The bong is close enough to the front of the stack of boxes to be accessible.  (100 + shipping)

I also have a red metallic Astro by mathmos near the front of the pile (princess is modeling for it)  $130 + shipping

the stack of pre-built remote controlled custom built color change Grandes are located i the garage and accessible

($225+ shipping for Silver finish)


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