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Hi! I have a bottle capper (for my home brew), and I'm thinking of opening up a lamp that has purple lava and clear water and dropping in some blue color. I've always wanted a purple/blue combination. Has anyone tried this. What kind of color did you use - food color, clothes dye? Any special problems I should be aware of or reasons why it won't work at all? Thanks.

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Cool Idea.

Hi Bohdan! I've searched the posts about your glass head, but I don't see any mention of brands of ingredients. Could you direct me?
Thanks. I hope it will be.
Let us know how it comes out.

I've decided to try a different experiment. I have a blue water, whate lava lamp that works terrible. The water is fine, but since the lava is the problem, I'm thinking of draining everything out, massaging the lava with a color (I'm thinking purple) and putting it all back together. I never did find your list of ingredients, so what color did you use for the lava. Thanks.
I have a purple/blue that I made and it is awesome! I did exactly what you are describing. Just open up the lamp when it is cold and start dropping in the food coloring until it is the color that you like. I also use the McCormick, and all of my coloring projects have turned out fine. Just remember to recap with a new cap, as a used one will not reseal properly.
Good luck!
Can you get a new cap for the Grande?

I want to make sure I understand. You use the McCormick dye for the lava too? How does it mix evenly with the lava when it's cold. My lava is really crappy, has been shaken and has lots of tiny blobets and lousy flow. That's why I wanted to massage it - to see if a little active mixing would make the wax come together again.
Ok, I have never changed the color of the lava.....but I have heard that you can use dye intended for candle making. The MCCormick food coloring I have used only for changing the color of the water.

To answer Roger, I have never seen a replacemnt cap for a grande. Your best bet is to not damage it when you remove it. However, if the cap is damaged you best bet is to fabricate something. If you can find a lid that is close to the propper size you can still seal it with automotive gasket sealant and then silicone the outside to prevent leaks.

Ok thanks for the info on the cap. I am thinking hard of trying some Lava Lamp repairs. I think some day I will get a filter pump and try to filter a lamp.


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