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I just love watching the extended view of the base on these things. Why don't they make a 52 oz version? I've been wondering about how to go about modifying a base to be open like that. How cool would it be for LL to sell bases to use with existing bottles?

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Hell....I have been wondering why there is not a Grande' version.  They are fun to watch.

Hi all

I know this is an old post, but recently I picked up a 11.5" Clearview from Target. It was cloudy of course, but I thought I could use another bottle with it. Well it didnt seem to produce enough heat to start flow. After I would say 8 hours, the lava just sat on the bottom. The bottle that came with it flowed fine, but the other would not. Seems they might be using a different formula with the Clearviews. I too liked the base, but have since brought it back.

They do seem to use a different formula, because the clearview bases do not get as hot as traditional bases due to the plastic part holding the globe. Plastic does not retain heat as metal does, so the top of the base cools down and the globe is not surrounded by anything keeping it hot. This is why a reflector bulb is used, instead of the traditional golf-ball sized and shaped bulb, as the reflector bulb directs the heat up to the bottom of the globe. The globe is only heated from the very bottom, so they have to use lighter wax.

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