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I have been buying some of my lava lamps off ebay for a while now and some times Iget lucky and recieve it crystal clear and other times I recieve a lamp that is a bit cloudy but it clears up after a couple runs. I have a clear purple lamp that I recieved a while ago and it arrived pretty cloudy like others that cleared up. It is american and after running it many times for both short and extended periods, it is Still cloudy... I have heard somewhere that putting it in a cool/cold place for a while (refrigerator) might clear it up but im not sure where I saw that. Any suguestions or tricks? (I dont want to pop the cap to tamper with the fluid)

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I am currently trying the refrigerator trick with a very cloudy 52oz and after 3 days it is showing slight improvements. I will let you know how it turns out in a couple weeks.

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