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Hey Gooers! I was going thru my lava supplies and realized that I have a butt load of extra coils that I just don't need anymore. I have coils in all sizes so if your interested in any send me PM. Asking $2.00 for coils that work in a 52 oz or small globes and $4.00 for grandes coils (I only have 3 of those) then whatever it would cost to ship these. I assume I can just send them in a regular envelope with a regular postage stamp. And if you want more then just one coil send me a offer of the amount you want and maybe we can work out a price.


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sending pm

friend request accepted!

Rick said:

PM sent

Only one grande coil is left but I still have a bunch of regular coils left.

Hey Rick waiting on your pm :)

Bump! anyone still looking for coils?

Sent you a friend request. I actually need a grande coil right now and could go for a 52 oz one or two. Let me know! Just did a purple gookit on an old 2010 grande and the coil won't stick to save its life...

Got it!

Still have coils everyone. Officially I'm out of Grande coils but if anyone is still looking for a grande coil I do have a lot of 52 and smaller coils available and you can just take 2 smaller coils and connect them to make a grande coil. Hit me up! I will be posting these on ebay soon and not at $2 a piece cost so take advantage. :)

Yes I need a couple could you said you have 52 oz any 32 oz ?

Hi Joey, yes I have a bunch of 52 and 32 coils left. Send me a pm!

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