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Collectors and first 100 important announcement.

On the Mathmos Blog, there's an important information notice about future first 100 releases. Anyone wishing to collect a first 100 lamp should read this first before buying. 

It looks like the UK gets half and Germany gets half of all new first 100 lamps. Personally, i think this is wrong as Mathmos is a UK company therefore we, sorry WE, should get first divvies. Yes here in the UK. 

However, I am looking forward to some new finishes and some new models too. But have practically given up on getting a first 100. 

Anyway have a look and please feel free to express your wishes for new lamps and finishes. Oh and Mathmos if you are listening LUNAR! 

Here's  the link.


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I like them, maybe a bit too bright for me tho. The box looks really great. 

I think theyre fun and funky, yeah just like the dayglo jets. Would love to see a green and a blue too. These make a nice change. I fancy the orange one. Pink is a bit too pink for me. 

Great for Kids, but not to my taste

I agree, it would be interesting to see whose decor these would fit into unless you're Austin Powers. At least they are trying and getting away from the old original finishes. I would really like a black neo though. 

Think the orange could go quite well with my orange Gritito lampshade, a few contrasting 'statement pieces' can often work well against a more subdued backdrop, you certainly don't need to recreate Austin's 'pad'

Think the combinations they've chosen for the video are a bit jarring, they've got it the wrong way round - yellow/ orange  would look better on the orange base and violet/pink for the pink base

Ian Knipe said:

Ewww, not for me I'm afraid. May have looked better with a unique colour way for each, clear fluid bright orange wax, clear fluid bright pink wax. The current colour ways don't gel with the new OTT  colours.

They are so ostentatious (Austin-tatious?), I kind of like them. I might get the orange for my office because it looks like a sleek safety cone.

I totally agree that unique bottle colorways would have made these a complete package. The pink really only looks good with the current yellow/pink, the orange with the yellow/orange. Seems like a missed opportunity. I would buy a full set if they come out with fluorescent blue and green bases.

Nice to see something a bit different, but these ones aren't for me.  They wouldn't fit with any of my decor.  They'd be great in kids rooms though.

I've bought me an orange one with a blue green bottle. I think the colour contrast will work well. I love the neo lamps. I particularly love the white one. I will post a picture when i get it. 

These seem to be struggling. 2 days later and still first 100s available. I thought these would have done well. Perhaps with other colours and bottles to match they might have done better. Hopefully I'll get an early one. 

I've just received a Mathmos email, New finishes in Telstar rocket lamp, looks great in black. If you like rocket lamps it could be for you. Not for us, but it does look much nicer in black in my opinion lol. 

Absolutely love the black. Stunning got to have one. Xmas present to myself sorted. I think im getting the collectors fever back. Would love an astro in this finish. 

Don't like the orange one though. Looks like a cross between a builders cone and a tripod holding a fanta bottle. Strange imo. 

Still no new colours in the bottles. 

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