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Has anybody ever tried to color wax with spray paint?

I am thinking about getting the wax fully molten, spraying the paint into a cup and dripping it in.

Is this possible?

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Let me know how you make out. It should work just fine in theory however spray paints use a couple of different solvents so I'm not positive. Lacquer thinner may give you a bit of a challenge when it comes to the specific gravity. Also, any metallic flakes will sag to the bottom of lava globules if there aren't enough,

I don´t think it´s compatible at all. Try it in a very small batch in case you like to try it. Let us know if you sucseed!

I would say no as spray-paints have solvents in them and would likley brake down the wax further, i know sharpies have had mixed results goo kit dye is often the best to use overall.

What kind of color were you thinking about getting.

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