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I am looking to sell a Colossus or two from my collection. What is the going rate these days? I have a couple of the tables as well. I'm located in Pensacola, FL.

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I have no idea but would be interested in purchasing one. Keep in mind shipping is expensive which is the reason some are too expensive to buy.  There are many who would like to own but the expense of buying and shipping can be too much for many.  One things for sure your asking the right people just keep in mind a lot of folks here are looking to buy so I'm assuming we would prefer for you to decide what you think each is worth and if it's too expensive no one will bite if it's priced right I'm first in line.  I hope this helps. 

I live in FL and I am interested dm me when you have a price.

I sent both of you friend requests. 

Do you have any pics or details that you can share?

I do. Im going to post pics and updates on the forum tonight. I bought out a collector so I have quite a few lamps. Im hoping to sell them as a group or sell the Collosus lamps and then all the others as a group.

Have you decided a price yet?


I live in FL and would like to know how much you're charging! 

Hi. I would love to know Colossus price, please

I am interested in a Colossus table kit.  What are you asking for one?

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