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I have a few lamps. Barely used and NIB! I am looking for top dollar since they are extinct as you all know. Prefer to have picked up. I live outside of Boston. If interested send me an email and we can discuss. Talk Soon.


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Post some pictures please.

You may also want to post cap codes Ron. A number of Colossus owners wound up with lamps that most likely had a bad coil, so people need to have an idea what they're getting.

Oh man...I thought you had a Colossus for sale. I was so pumped...well for a moment. LMAO! Anyway, I realized that you are saying "HUGE sale" not "Selling a Colossus." 


They are Colossus Lamps!

What? You are selling a Colossus? I want one :)

Is the colossus for sale still??

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