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I won what was advertised to be a copper Crestworth Astro off of eBay.  However, once I received it, I think the globe is new(er) as the cap doesn't fit.  You can see that there is a threaded plastic insert in the cap as if it was supposed to seal the globe.  There's no plastic base piece, so I'm not sure if it's old or really old...  And I'm hoping I'm correct in thinking that it requires a 40w small golf ball bulb with the bayonet base.  Any input from our friends across the pond would be greatly appreciated!  

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Yep, it's definitely an MK2 then as it has the aluminum base plate with the green wire!  Cool!

if you can get the glue softened on the old cap then it will sit on the bottle you have posted, try the boiling water treatment first it will take a while but worth it :-)

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