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Hi there,

ANOTHER HEAVY PLUG for one of my Auctions!!

Just listed the above for sale on eBay.


My wife bought it not that long ago and (believe it or not) thought that it contained lava and was disappointed when she found that it didn't.

So I't up for sale again.

Thought I'd let you know!

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Sold......for all of £12.50!

That's the last one of these things we ever buy or sell.

Talk about disappointed......

Oh well - that's the way things are currently - money's tight.

Gotta be honest - it's a terrible time to sell but a great time to buy!

There are some excellent bargains around - and people flogging off their interesting bits at bootsales for not a lot too.

If you've got spare cash, perhaps now's the time to use it - to invest it, so to speak.....cos your crystal ball, Crestworth, should have a bright light - a guiding star - shining from it!

Gold is still a safer option than lava lamps though! LOL


Damn I would paid much more for that had I know.
£12.50? as DD would say 'Cheap as Chips'!
shame i didnt see this up as i wud of bid on it

The only problem with your interest is that you're all about 2 months too late!!

Note to self - make sure that OG people have LOADS of notice next time I sell something interesting!!!  LOL

Oh well - I'll just have to find another one......although having said that, we did pick one up the other week for £15 - but the one we really wanted this time - not the traction lamp but the lava lamp.

The bottle is a bit cloudy but we can soon fix that!  And 'no' - it's not for sale yet!

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