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The sea in my eyes.

Rest in peace David, my thoughts are with your family, friends and all the other fans around the world.

"Millions weep a fountain... just in time for sunrise."


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Its beautiful Arne...The globe in the photo is a perfect match. I cant accept the offer of your turquoise Glitterball... much as I would love to own one, you are far too generous !

Arne said:

I thought of you when I heard of this sad news...I hope This fusion of two of your passions can put a little smile on your face when I finally managed to put it in your hands...its still waiting for the final buffer but this lamp still has and always had your name on it! I decided you will get the full lamp including the bottle in the picture or (cant decide what looks better) my turqoise glitterball...What what you prefer?

That is a beautiful lamp, Arne!  I have been singing and humming Bowie tunes for days now.  I can't get them out of my head!

BBC produced a great documentary prior to his death called "Five years" (not to be confused by the album).

If you don't use torrents you can view it here:http://artvod.com/music/david-bowie-five-years-documentary/

Hard to believe I used to have enough hair to grow it that way LOL

That is a lovely lamp, Arne and so very special of you to gift it to Pete.   @Kirk, I know the feeling, I've been playing all my Bowie CD's for a week.  Did you get the pic I sent you?

Edit to thank Claude for the link!! 

Watched "The Man who fell to earth" last night in tribute

Controversial content for 1976

Weird/great flick!

I'm listening to "Blackstar."  Haunting.........Also watched "The Prestige" and "Labyrinth" again.  Can't get the lyrics to "Golden Years" out of my head either.  

When I read the reviews the on its release one critic said, "Watch the movie... read the book... watch the movie"

I did... but it may have been the other way around !!!

" I think perhaps Mr. Newton has had enough, don’t you?"  !!!

Claude J said:

Watched "The Man who fell to earth" last night in tribute

Controversial content for 1976

Weird/great flick!

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