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Hi, does anyone know if Mathmos ever produced a white base and cap Astro? I remember they produced a marbled white/grey based lamp which I missed out on. I've been searching for either of the above without success. There's currently a black based Astro available on their site, it would be great to see a white based one. 

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Thanks for the info. I don't mind sacrificing a Mathmos base, I have two, one brushed aluminium astro and one copper coloured Crestworth astro. But I fear I wouldn't make a very good job of such a project. Also I'm guessing I'd need heat resistant paint. I love the lamps in the photo you've updated, especially the black and red one. 

I've put a wanted in the buy trade zone, hopefully (highly unlikely as it may be) someone will come forward willing to sell a Mathmos carrara marble. I could kick myself though, because I missed them when they were originally for sale, £110 each from memory. Costing way more than that, missed one recently on a buy it now on ebay as well, someone beat me to it. 

They are beautiful, thanks for the confirmation of their original purchase price. Shame you are not selling one, but I can fully understand why you are not selling that lamp lol. 

@arne: Ah, interesting hint on this Tom Willkommen!

Did you see, that these are two different white Astros, one with white bottom, one with a dark one?

Whoever did these paintjobs was very professional. Or maybe the owner of the lamp gave it to a surface engineering company?

I have one of these official Mathmos White AstroBabies, and it's really a nice looking lamp, but it takes a lot longer to heat up than a normal Baby, and the flow never gets as agitated, I think the white color absorbs a lot of temperatur?

That's interesting about the white Astrobaby taking longer to heat up. I'm guessing they didn't leave the interior of the lamp base bare aluminium ?

No, they are also white on the inside. Not sure if it's really alu, cause the lamp is weighing a lot, much more than a normal Baby (the wall thickness is higher), and the material feels colder than alu should, when you touch it.

I wonder if the theory is white is supposed to reflect heat? Although sliver interior finish would do a better job and aluminium is quicker to heat anyway, as you say. I used to own a Millennium Telestar, I cannot remember if that was white inside. 

the millenium telstar? more or less white inside...

It is isn't it. I doubt we will ever see a white Astro from Mathmos, it would be great, but I won't hold my breathe lol, I've been waiting years without a result :)

Hello Susan, I may have found something to help you out. confirm my friend request, then I can send a direct message...

Hi Peter, confirmed your friend request. 

Look what this guy has next to the lunar bottles


Arne, my dream lamp. I wish I could find one to buy

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