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Did you guy see this - Ebay - deceased collectors collection

Look at this listing and read the body where it states


USA made in the year 2002. New in box. Never used.
Discovered in a deceased collector's warehouse with 200 other NIB lava lamps.
Inspected and tested before listing.

Right now there are only 3 models listed, anyone know who this was, I wonder what else might listed over the next few weeks.

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I tend to ruin lamps once I open them up, so I think I will leave it alone.

I noticed this too. The same seller had a mint new safari snake skin with the rare chocolate variant wax in the box. $50!! In the time it took me to start hammering the “Buy it now” button it was already too late - “sorry you missed out on this item”  ouch. Oh well I hope someone here got it - it was crystal clear with the right cap code. 

somebody also cooped up the rare red swirl NOS in box

Dang, I've always wanted a chocolate globe. Oh well.

I can't say about what might be offered in the future, but I bought one of the lamps in this set.  It appears to be exactly as advertised.  I am now the proud owner of a "new" (really 15 year old) Lava wizard lamp with yellow lava in blue fluid.  It took a while to get the lava flowing, but the lamp works fine.    

So does anyone know who the collector was?

I seen this as well, was like wow new old stock! I just bought my wizard purple glitter lamp on ebay for like 25 bucks, was brand new in box! :)Can't wait to see what else they list..I'm always looking on ebay

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