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I've seen plenty of shelves, and that really cool 30 lamp shelf unit thing, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever displayed lamps in shelf pockets with mirrors behind?  I'm thinking two mirrors at 90 degrees with the joining corner directly behind the lamp, should end up being somewhat of a kaleidoscope effect.

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that is what was done wiith this style lamp.  It is a single tube


lava lite lamp wall hanger

Oh I do like that! Thanks for sharing!

anyone else like this, or am I on my own?

I saw one like this in person and it was neat but cheap looking at the same time.  The mirror was actually flexible plastic and instead of being a solid 90 degree sharp angle it was curved.  I think the effect with actual mirrors at a sharp 90 degree angle would be much better and brighter.  I don't know why I've never tried it, it would look great!

Matthew said:

Oh I do like that! Thanks for sharing!

anyone else like this, or am I on my own?

I’m going to look out to see if there are mirror tiles or something like that that might be the right size.  Don’t want to spend a fortune experimenting just yet. 

Nice idea, the only drawback to two mirrors butted up might be that the join is a visible line?

The Fantasia Glitter Graphics use a curved mirror sheet inside the box (behind the glitter bottle) to multiply the glitter effect, which works well

Akin to what was said, I don't know if I would use a glass mirror per say, but a plastic mirror would be easier to use and give you some options to curve or cut and be far less heavy.

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