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So i decided to try my hand at making one of these things.  I followed the retro formula and made the wax way to heavy. I had to make the water very dense becuse of this.  There semes to be tiny particles of wax suspended in the water and nothing will remove them. The vase i'm using is 6 gallons.  Ive done two water changes, the first because the dish soap made it cloudy.  I refilled it and now its a different kind of clouds, but still very murky white.  The specific gravity of the water now is around 1.08.  It has pickling salt, Epsom salt, and i just recently added some baking soda.  Nothing has worked.  Please help.

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The Clear pic is the time i replaced the water.  When i added salt, granted while the wax was hot it graudaly turned into that murky mess

Found your post.

What was your original wax formula?

Are you letting the wax completely cool in between water changes?

If so, do not mix salts on the next change

Never use baking soda

I assume your pre-mixing the salt in a distilled water solution then adding it?

You also might try setting the vase in boiling water and melting the wax real good on the next change

let it cool, then add distilled water

I always use propelene glycol to change specific gravity, not salt

The wax is brakleen and paraphin wax. How would i make the water denser without salt since PG would be to light?

if it is not flowing when heated, it is because the specific density needs to be enhanced
PG will make it so the goo is lighter and float

It flows decently. I think ill order up some Glycerin since its denser than pg. Will Glycerin be to viscous if i add alot though?

never used it but I'm told it works the same as PGycol

Ok so ive broke down and bought 2 gallons of VG,  Once that gets in ill make a full write up if i can get this thing working

2 g?

its @ a 70/30 mix but do not add until heated, Then add a little at a time (SLOWLY) so you do not sloshup the lava

So while its hot? Ok thanks a ton
Will tap water ruin the wax if i use it to flush out all the old water?

probably not

But if your going to do a boil, you might as well put the liquid wax in a Pyrex measuring cup, add a tspn of clear liquid dish soap and washout the globe with the hot boiled water, then add the goo/lava back being careful to not slop it onto the sides

BTY< I never compelty wash out all the soapy wash. I always leave abit  of clear liquid soap residue inside the globe so the lava wont stick

I use a long plastic tube and funnel so when I add lava/goo it goes right to the bottom

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