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Does anyone have details or documentation to the contents in a Crestworth Glitterama Jardine lamp?

Unfortunately the world has suffered the destruction of a Giant Jardine Glitterama lamp at the hands of UPS. 

They are now requesting a chemical MSDS report on the contents of the globe so they can discard it. 

Any one have details or documentation, patents etc, etc, so I may forward it for proper disposal.

I told them it's made with glycerine, but they did not accept that.

I'm sure it's made with glycerin and metal foil flakes for glitter, but they are being sticklers and I want to be prepared. 


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It IS glycerin for the slow ones and something very similar or equal to perchloroethylen/tertrachlorethylen for the fast ones like the living jewel...if its the medium speed glitterbaby like flow I have no clue.
So they destroy it and want you to take care of? Twats!

Someone made a comment today saying that if it was hazardous it wasn't allowed and it could be an issue with the insurance.

This globe was the really slow colored glitterama. I'm sure it's glycerine. I broke one once before and it was sweet and had the consistency of glycerin. In fact I saved the glitter and remade the lamp in fluidium globe. 

I was just looking to see if there was a patent and an MSDS sheet. 

Not that i would know...and mathmos has lost everything, no way to be sure.

There's a patent here for slow moving glitter lamps, from 1971. This states that the liquid is a mixture of proylene and polyethylene glycols. Don't know whether the Glitterama's are the same though, as they were much later (1990's)



Exactly what I was thinking Arne!  They break it, they bought it and should do their own damn research.

Reminds me of how the USPS made "right" when they flattened a lamp of mine.  Refunded what I paid for the lamp, but I still had to pay shipping.  Absolutely laughable.

Arne said:

So they destroy it and want you to take care of? Twats!

It is actually unfair how USPS handles the insurance claims for items they mishandle. 

I had a lamp that was destroyed and insured for $100, but since the eBay sale said $90, that's all they would give me. They refused to reimburse me for the shipping cost. 

One of the reps mentioned that UPS is supposed to reimburse me for the shipping cost. We'll see. 

Oh and you have to see the hoops I have to jump through to document this private sale. 

I have to provide the money orders, bill of sale and email logs, plus all the receipts for the shipment. 

It turns out to be about 20 pages for the transaction. 

They are trying to "insure"(lol) that I do not profit from the insurance claim. 

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