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Has anyone seen this before?  I've never heard of it or knew of its existence. Its an official rabbit product to, its marked eye of the storm also. Dude I bought it from said he couldn't remember if he bought it at the store he bought his eye of the storm plasma ball or if he got it directly from rabbit. He is the original owner of it also. Any infowould be greatly appreciated. 0827201947.jpg0827201947b.jpg0827201947a.jpg

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That's interesting. Possibly a store display?

fog rider said:

That's interesting. Possibly a store display?

Not sure, that did cross my mind. It has a tray in a circle shape to on the bottom that the plasma fits into perfectly.  It sure knocks it up a botch I think. I feel very fortunate to have it. Thanks for the suggestion my friend. 

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