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Tagged a NIB Red/Clear Giant but this jackass FedEx delivery guy always puts the boxes on my porch upside sown no matter how much writing there is on the box showing arrows pointing up.

Needless to say, my lamp is extremely cloudy. I am going to cycle it for a couple weeks and see what happens. That cleared up one of my pink Giants but hasn't done shit for my blue/white or blue/green lamps.

Any chance it comes back or do I need to filter it?

On that topic, I have 5 cloudy Giants that are still not too cloudy to sell but drive me crazy when comparing them to my crystal clear ones. A Red one that I picked up 6 months ago appears clear during the day but smokey at night.

I guess it's time to do a search here for the best filter remedy because that is a lot of fluid to filter 

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You can find a transmission fluid funnel at an auto part store or hardware store and then get tubing to fit

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Sentrex said:

Filtering and removal of gunked up wax and or adjusting the PG has done wonders for 8 of my giants so now I am moving on to the 4 that are in more distress. Uncapped one of them this morning and removed the fluid.

(1) Where can I get a funnel and extension tube at other than gookits?

Thanks and thanks!

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