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Just a question-I know very little about these lamps and am thinking about bidding on one.  I see all prices on ebay.  This one is missing the actual fiber optic part-is this a part you can find from a cheap fiber optic lamp or do you have to find an original part?  There was one last week with the same issue that sold for around $60, I think.



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No spray = no go for me.  Thing is, Fantasias, for the most part, used sprays made out of glass filaments.  You will have a devil of a time finding a replacement.  A plastic/fiberglass/etc. "new" spray will pale in comparison.
Good to know, thanks for the advice.  I leave it alone this time!

Yeah, I can see how a cheap spray would probably be too small and not look good.  Thanks!


My first Fantasia lamp had no spray, I didn't realize that they are almost impossible to find.  I found the oozing goo forum while I was looking for glass sprays. I still am looking for them someone on the planet must make them or can.  I took a plastic spray from another lamp and put it on, nothing like a glass Fantasia spray but I think this is acceptable for a plastic spray.  Now I have several lamps and I change the sprays around.  Its good advice to buy the spray with the lamp and the glass sprays are the best.
It's still very impressive with the plastic spray, but I can see why I should wait for the glass.  Thanks for posting the pic-it's really pretty.  Does this lamp rotate the spray?  Is there any noise involved with the rotation if so?
No spray = no sale for me either. Nothing beats the glass sprays. Oddly, there was just sale for a Fantasia this week with three EXTRA sprays and that auction went for over $400!

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