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After extensive testing,  I'm now offering many NEW glitter colors in clear fast liquid.  They are gorgeous!  Here are a few of the options.  I'll post them all below in this discussion and in my videos.

I've also developed replacement slow glitter formulas for the Florence Art, Heat Tapes, Mastercrafters, and Crestworth glitter lamps of the 60s and 70s.  The liquid in these formulas is non-flammable, non-combustible, and much less toxic than the fast, solvent-based liquid. 

To simplify things, both fast and slow glitter liquid are now available at the same prices.  Here are some FAQs on the glitter liquid.

I fill all orders on a first come, first served basis.  I do all of the work by hand and take care to ensure quality.  Please allow 2-3 weeks from payment for delivery.


Fast or Slow Glitter Liquid In Containers 

$25 for one quart container (fills 32 oz globe)

$23 each for two or more.

$40 for two quart containers (fills 52 oz globe)

$37 each for two or more.

$140 for eight (8) quart containers (fills 250 oz Grande)

$115 for six (6) quart containers (fills 175 oz Lunar)

32 OZ LAVA GLOBE: ADD $10 each

52 OZ LAVA GLOBE: ADD $15 each *Very Limited Supply

NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for refilling 32oz and 52oz globes that you supply!

ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING to USA Lower 48!  International, please contact me for a quote.

I prefer payment with Paypal.  My Paypal account is kirkolson@mac.com. 

If you need liquid to refill other size globes or you have vintage globes you’d like me to refill, please contact me for a quote.  My prices are very reasonable.

I no longer refill and ship Grande-sized globes, but I have excellent instructions with pictures if you want to refill a Grande with my containers of liquid. 


FAST GLITTER Liquid Color choices: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Teal, Pink, and Clear 

FAST GLITTER Glitter choices in Colored Liquid:

  • Small Silver Holographic Hexagonal – Looks best in 32oz and 52oz globes
  • Medium Silver Holographic Square – Looks best in 32oz and 52oz globes
  • Large Silver Holographic Square – Looks best in Lunar, Grande, Gemlites, 52oz globes
  • Short Silver Holographic Strand – Looks best in 32oz and 52oz globes
  • Long Silver & Colored Holographic Strand - Looks best in 32oz, 52oz, and Grande globes (use 15watt, 25watt, 40watt bulbs)

*NEW* FAST COLORED GLITTER choices in Clear Liquid:

  • Small Hexagonal: Gold (Holo), Green (Holo), Pink (Holo), Sky Blue (Holo), Ocean Blue (Holo), Navy (Holo), Turquoise, Lavender, Violet (Holo), Orange (Holo), Copper (Holo), Multicolor (Holo)
  • Small Squares: Violet (Holo), Pink (Holo), Sky Blue (Holo), Green (Holo), Gold (Holo), Navy (Holo), Silver (Holo)
  • Small Dots: Green (Holo), Pink (Holo)
  • Medium Dots: Gold (Holo), Ocean Blue (Holo), Silver (Holo)

SLOW GLITTER Liquid Color choices: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Teal, Pink, and Clear

SLOW GLITTER Glitter choices: 

  • Small Silver Flakes – Best for Florence Art, Heat Tapes, Mastercrafter’s Clocks, Consorts, and 32 oz globes
  • Very Small Silver Flakes -- Best for Crestworth Glitterlite, Lava Lite Glitter Lite
  • *NEW* Small Metallic Gold Multicolor -- Best for Glitterama 

All liquid is non-combustible and non-flammable.  

The slow glitter liquid is very low in toxicity.

The fast glitter liquid is solvent-based and should be treated with caution. Use safety goggles and gloves when working with the liquid, and make sure your work area is well ventilated — turn on a fan. 

Use a funnel when pouring the liquid into your globes.  Promptly close your bottle openings with the plug and cap provided.


My shipping address is: 

Kirk Olson

For USPS: PO BOX 1188

For UPS, FEDEX: 11228 Parsons Rd

Manor, TX 78653


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Thanks G. T.

I have some more videos of additional colors coming soon.

Do you post abroad? Could be a silly question really.

I do/will post abroad.  I have several customers in the UK.

More new glitter colors: Lavender, Purple, and Turquoise.

That is seriously good kit, Kirk.

And the final batch of new colors: Orange, Copper, Gold Dots, Sky Blue, and Navy Blue

I need to stash more money...so I can give you more money. I have a Grande that has been refusing to take new glitter flakes, almost ready to shelf the stock fluids and grab a refill from you.

These are all so amazingly beautiful it's going to be really hard to pick a color....how about one of each!!!

Andy, Vox, and G. T. - Thanks! I really like these new colors, too.  They are all colored glitter running in clear liquid.  And believe me, they look even better in person!

They were inspired by Shawn (Dr. What?).  He likes the colored glitter in clear liquid even better than the dyed liquid.  So, I finally got around to testing MANY different colors, and about half of them passed the tests.  And now I have something new to offer.  

I really like the new small gold hex and medium gold dots.  I can't tell you how many gold glitters I've tested, and one after the other either curled or bled their color into the liquid.  These new gold glitters are nearly perfect, and look fantastic!

I'm also very fond of the new Multicolor.  The glitter is larger than the smaller version I was offering.  It looks better, doesn't bleed, and sticks less to the globe glass.  And it's so pretty!

The turquoise is also quite attractive.  Very vibrant color.  The video doesn't do it justice.  The pink is also outstanding.  A very bright and vibrant pink.

Actually, all of these new colors are so nice - there isn't a laggard in the bunch.  Like G. T., I like them all!

Here they all are listed together:

*NEW* FAST COLORED GLITTER choices in Clear Liquid:

  • Small Hexagonal: Gold, Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Navy, Turquoise, Lavender, Purple, Violet, Orange, Copper, Multicolor
  • Medium Dots: Gold, Green, Pink, Ocean Blue, Turquoise, Violet

So, I got a little worried about having 10 gallons of solvent-based liquid in my Colossus - especially with Critter's breaking.  So, I replaced it with my version of the Glitterlite Sapphire slow formula.  I think it's beautiful.

I wanted to show the size difference between the Turquoise Hex and the Ocean Blue Dots.

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