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What do I need to use to filter some of my lamps that I cant seem to clear up?

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Hi, I'm glad you like it.

But it is much more faster than manual pump filter IF bubble free.

That's the challenge. If you manage to get it flow at full speed, you will filter a Grande in 5mn!

(it's capable of filtering 1.5 liter per minute).

But if there is bubbles in the filter then it is very slow.

Kirk said:

Thanks to Astralav and this discussion, I got the MSR Autoflow Gravity filter.  It works GREAT!  I've used it on several lamps now from Vintage to China -- no color loss and lamp flow after filtering is unaltered.  It's not as fast as pumping the liquid clean, but it does such a super job that I don't mind waiting.  :>)

I highly recommend this filter!

I must be doing something wrong. Best I can get is a trickle out of the bag and quick connect.

How did you make the piece that fits in the bottom of your plastic bottle?

To remove bubbles, you have to reverse flow for few second, it's tricky, so if I filter a small bottle, I just let it do in slow mode.

About my plastic bottle, it is just an original cleaning product bottle that I selected because the fitting was already there :-)

I'm sure you can find one at home too.

My grande needed some salt after using the EX, but it flowed like crap anyway. Works great now. Hard to justify another pump now but I'll keep this one in mind.

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