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So I have an MSR miniworks, I bought an older one with an older filter to be sure it didn't have a carbon core. But after using it, im not so sure. I dig into it and find an article from MSR discussing the history of the miniworks back to 1991. Noting in 1994 a certain filler was added around the CARBON CORE.


Did I miss the part on how to remove the core? Or has anyone broken one open to really see? I'd like to buy a new element but the newer EX element seems to be the only thing out there.

Somebody school me.

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I can't offer any great advice as I have a newer filter and would just replace the entire filter if needed.

This looks like the older style filter cartridge but I can't say for sure: Ebay

I'll probably buy that, and then break mine open. Mine inst blue, but it doesn't have the triangular block on the one end like the newest ex filters do.

So physically the Caps are different, but both read "marathon 205" now to crack open the black one and see if it's got carbon in there... Any bets?

Hopefully not.... you want ceramic not carbon based on some of the old posts that I read here saying not to use the carbon filter addon... but again, it was just something that I read.

I can say that I spent too much money on the mesh gravity drain filters because they lasted about 1 Giant (rated at 175 litres) and then they clouded up again so I had to had pump them with the mini even though they are both rated at 0.2 microns.

Well that's the question, people here have said the earlier filters in models don't have a charcoal core. But the article from MSR made it seem like that's been the case since the 94. If that's true, (and since the black capped filter pulled color from the liquid I think it is) there had been some MEGA misinformation on here for years. 

That said I tried using a PES filter which worked rather well on another lamp. Just took a little longer but since it's pulled on a vacuum pump it's less physical effort.

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